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  • If you have a support contract or are within the first 12 months of purchasing the Axtrinet Packet Generator, you will have received an email from Axtrinet with a link to the latest Software Release.
  • If you are unable to find the email, click on the REQUEST button below.  Axtrinet will validate your support status and email a link to the versions accessible under your support contract.
  • Please contact Axtrinet if you with to purchase or extend your software support contract.

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Release History

Release V2.3.1 (5th September 2019)

  • 1Gbps FPGA updated (datecode 01 March 2019)
  • Improved link status and speed mode behaviour at 1Gbps
  • Fixed rate control calculations at 1Gbps
  • Improved RFC2544 latency test behaviour at 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Fixed report and graph formatting
  • Updated all documentation

Release V2.2 (27th February 2019) - RESTRICTED RELEASE

  • Added 1Gbps capability to SFP+ ports
  • Added 10G/1GBase-T and 10/100/1000Base-T copper transceiver support
  • Added TCL over USB Management Interface
  • Updated all documentation except Header Definitions

Release V2.1 (8th February 2018)

  • Added Save/Load named configurations on the APG Control Interface
  • Added APG Test Suite Control Interface and TCL API  for RFC 2544 support
  • Fixed IPV4 and IPV6 headers and added automatic checksum/length field calculation
  • Local capture buffer size increased to 64KB (10Gbps ports) and 256KB (40Gbps ports)  [Unit firmware update required]
  • Control Interface Unit IP Address field recognises hostnames
  • Added Transmit and Receive PPS (packet/sec) counters
  • Improved 10GBase-T transceiver behaviour
  • Updated all documentation, added Test Suite documentation

Release V2.0.2 (11th September 2017)

  • Deep packet capture behaviour and performance
  • 40Gbps timestamp accuracy and jitter
  • 40Gbps/4x10Gbps Topology change behaviour
  • Updated User Guide and Quick Start Guide
  • V2.0.2 Software Release is available here

Release V2.0 (7th June 2017)

  • QSFP+ ports can be configured as 40Gbps or 4x10Gbps
  • Multi-Burst Transmit Mode
  • Packet per Second Transmit Rate
  • Optional Port ID, packet sequence number, transmit and receive timestamps (to ±8ns  resolution) for latency and jitter measurements.
  • Up to 1GB ‘deep’ buffer available for line-rate packet capture at 10Gbps and 40Gbps
  • Save captured data to PCAP file for analysis in Wireshark.
  • TCL API for Linux and Windows
  • Updated User Guide and Quick Start Guide, new TCL User Guide and Header Definitions
  • V2.0 Software Release is available here